Yesterday I learned a lesson in cooking. NEVER USE TOO MUCH CORIANDER.

I wanted to make Guacamole. I found a recipe on the internet. There was even a video explaining how to do it. So I thought ‘Easy’. Well, it wasn’t. I got all the ingredients at the grocery store.

I wanted to make it in a few days cause I had to work yesterday. But my boss called me and said that I didn’t have to work because the weather wasn’t very good.

I was OK with that. I mean I like working there but I got to make the Guacamole.

So I started chopping up the unions and stuff.

Then it was time to add coriander. I had 40 gram of coriander. I knew that the taste of coriander was very intense so I didn’t want to use it all. I used almost half of it.

At first it smelt alright but after a few minutes of stirring it started to smell very strong of coriander. At that point I was like ‘oh help, this isn’t going to turn out well’. But being the positive person I am I just went on with stirring and stirring. The smell got worse and worse.

Then it was time to taste it. I took a crisp and put some ‘guacamole’ on it. The moment I started chewing I had to spit it out. It tasted so bad. I had added to much coriander.

Is there a way to save the food after you added coriander? Or do you have a story like this. Please, let me know.



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