The people who follow me on twitter and instagram will know that I went to Berlin, Germany. Berlin is a city in the east of Germany. It is a city full of history. Berlin was from 1961 until 1889 divided in two parts, West-Berlin and East-Berlin.

This post is different from the rest of the things I have done on my blog so far. In Berlin we went out to eat every day because you couldn’t eat in our hotel and we didn’t have a kitchen. I want to share with you where and what I have eaten so that if someone goes to Berlin and wants to eat good food you know where to go. If I don’t really recommend it I won’t name the place. So let’s start. berlijn 013

We arrived in Berlin around dinnertime (we is my family and I). Our hotel was next to a shopping centre. We went there to eat. We ate at a (theme) German restaurant. The picture above is the dish that I had. Rolls of meat stuffed with unions and bacon. It was OK.

berlijn 083

The next day we had dinner at a restaurant at Potzdammer Platz called Mom’s favourite. I had the cheeseburger and it was amazing. Best burger I have eaten so far. But being me I pulled the stick that was at the middle of the hamburger out before I started eating. After a few bites I remember what that stick was for. It got a bit messy. The restaurant was next to a shopping centre. When my mother and sister went shopping, my father and I just walked around. There was an exhibition about the wall. It was very interesting and if you are around the area check it out.berlijn 199


The last two night we  ate at the same restaurant. The restaurant is called Mio.  The first night I had a pizza with italian ham and as dessert two brownies. The food was really good. The second night I had the schnitzel. Mio is situated near the Lush at Alexanderplatz.   If you ever have to chance to visit Berlin you should do it. It is a very city with an interesting and terrible history. During my trip I learned a lot.


Fruit Pie


I haven’t uploaded a blogpost in a while. One of the reason is that I have found a job in a restaurant. I work there around 3 times a week. I don’t cook on the nights that I have to work. Another reason is that it has been very warm where I live. I have BBQ’ed a lot the last couple of weeks. In the time that I didn’t upload I found out that I passed all my exams. I even made no mistakes on one of the exams.

My family came to my house on a Sunday to celebrate that I graduated. We needed a lot of pie so I made a fruit pie (with strawberry, blue berry and raspberry).

I now have a lot of time. It isn’t as warm anymore. I have made a few recipes in the time that I was “away”. This is my recipe for fruit pie.

The ingredients:
4 eggs
150 gram sugar
8 gram vanilla sugar
120 gram melted butter
140 gram flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
strawberries, blue berries and raspberries

Spring form tin (24 cm)


Preheat the oven until 180 degrees. Split the egg. Put the yolk and egg-white in separate bowls. Beat the egg whites until it is almost stiff. Add the sugar and vanilla sugar while stirring.

Add the yolks (one by one) and the melted butter to the mixture.

Add the flower and the baking powder in a separate bowl and mix it together. Add this mixture to the other mixture with a wooden spoon.

The mixture is finished now. Pour the mixture into the spring form tin.

Wash the fruits. Pat dry the fruits. Add half a tablespoon of flour to the fruit. This prevents the fruit from sinking to the bottom.

Put the fruit on top of the mixture (that you poured into the spring form tin).

Put the spring form tin in the oven for around 50 minutes. In the end it will look like this: