Yesterday I learned a lesson in cooking. NEVER USE TOO MUCH CORIANDER.

I wanted to make Guacamole. I found a recipe on the internet. There was even a video explaining how to do it. So I thought ‘Easy’. Well, it wasn’t. I got all the ingredients at the grocery store.

I wanted to make it in a few days cause I had to work yesterday. But my boss called me and said that I didn’t have to work because the weather wasn’t very good.

I was OK with that. I mean I like working there but I got to make the Guacamole.

So I started chopping up the unions and stuff.

Then it was time to add coriander. I had 40 gram of coriander. I knew that the taste of coriander was very intense so I didn’t want to use it all. I used almost half of it.

At first it smelt alright but after a few minutes of stirring it started to smell very strong of coriander. At that point I was like ‘oh help, this isn’t going to turn out well’. But being the positive person I am I just went on with stirring and stirring. The smell got worse and worse.

Then it was time to taste it. I took a crisp and put some ‘guacamole’ on it. The moment I started chewing I had to spit it out. It tasted so bad. I had added to much coriander.

Is there a way to save the food after you added coriander? Or do you have a story like this. Please, let me know.




At Wednesday I bought some salmon at the market. Salmon is a piece of fish that is eaten all over the world.

The ingredients:
400 gram of salmon
5 spring onions
1 tomato

Heat up  the oven till 220 degrees Celsius. Cut the parsley in really small pieces. As small as possible. Mix the salt, pepper and parsley together.

The mixture will be used to season the salmon. Season the salmon. Cut the spring onions. Cut the tomato.

Put the salmon together with the springs onions and the tomato into tin foil and then put into a baking dish. Cook it for 20 minutes in the oven (220 degrees Celsius).

When it is done you have a beautiful piece of salmon that tastes amazing.




I wanted to start with something simple: The meatball. Every country has its own version of the meatball. It is the dish that most people know. It is made all over the world.  The one I made is a basic one.


Minces Meat

SaltOnions: The pieces need to be a bit smaller if that is possible.

Cut the Onions and the Parsley into little pieces.

Put the Minces Meat into a bowl and season the meat with the salt and pepper (or if you want to can also use other spices).

You can choose the kind of meat you want to use. I just used beef. You don’t have to use just one kind of meat. You can for example mix pork and beef together.

Add the bread crumples, egg, onion and parsley to the meat and mix it all together. You add the bread crumples and the egg so that the meatballs with stay together and won’t fall apart. My mixture looked like this before I made balls of it:2015-04-29_09.05.46

You can use butter or oil to bake your meatballs in. It takes 25 to 30 minutes before they are ready. Be careful and don’t put them on a too high heat because then the chance that they get dry is very big then.


These meatballs were OK. Does someone have an ideas to make better meatballs? Leave a comment below please.